With Speak4Less you can make huge savings on your international calls

  • Extremely cheap international calls.
  • No monthly fees or minimum number of calls.
  • International calls to landlines and mobiles.
  • Start-up credit and referral bonus.
  • Simple operation.
  • Transparent costs and no advertising.

Reach your loved ones on their landlines and mobiles via Speak4less.com in many countries around the world.

There is no need to buy credits or sign up for an account. Cheaper calling rates are available instantly in your mobile browser!

Along with our no advertising guarantee, we also guarantee the best line quality without draining your battery, as our system automatically connects you to a lower cost access number rather than via VoIP, WLAN or Softphones, as is the case with other providers such as Skype. Using the service is very easy and it works without you having to enter any dialling codes or making any purchases. You simply choose the country you want to call and enter the destination number.

If Speak4Less.com does not support the number of the person you wish to call you will receive a message, without the call being connected. In future the risk of high charges for international calls will no longer be a concern thanks to Speak4Less.com - and all this without any monthly fees or a minimum number of calls!

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Choose country and type the phonenumber for your call:

For Android users we recommend to use our app. (Download here) If dtmf signalling works from your phone you can call directly from your browser with our webapp.

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